Our domestic cleaning is a bespoke service that is tailored to the needs of each client. We can come weekly or fortnightly to carry our the scheduled work we have agreed with you. Our Cleaners are fully vetted and checked.

We always ensure that you are fully comfortable with the cleaner assigned to your job. If not, the cleaner will be changed without any fuss. You are in control of everything done in your home.

Unlike most other companies, we do not have any additional membership or agency costs on top of the hourly rate and if you need to cancel a single visit, or you go on a holiday, you will not be charged for the missed period of cleaning. You are only charged for the service, when it actually took place.


Regarding payments, to make things easier for you - you do not need to pay the cleaner directly on each visit, but instead at the end of the month we will email you a monthly invoice, which after you could settle with various payment methods – online bank transfer, PayPal (+ 5% charge) or you could also set up a weekly/fortnightly standing order with your bank.


We will not tight you up with any contract, but if you need to cancel our cleaning service we only require 2 weeks’ notice, so we can arrange alternative job for the cleaning lady. As long as you are happy with your cleaner you will have the same person each week and if they are sick or go on a holiday we will be ready to send you a suitable replacement cleaner.


Our friendly team is here for constant support and help with all issues, if any occur.


You will have to provide all the necessary cleaning supplies for the cleaner, so she could do a good job. We can recommend supplies for your information and guidance only.


To avoid any communication difficulties, we have task list, which you could forward to the cleaner, so she is aware of your priorities.

Please check our                                             for more information regarding the service.