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10 tips for Deep Home Cleaning

Every home needs proper care to stay cozy and elegant and one of the activities that significantly improves its condition and comfort is the so-called deep or spring cleaning.

Thorough cleaning of the home is required much less often than smaller, similar activities that we do daily, weekly or fortnightly. Deep clean may be performed in spring and autumn, but you can do it much more often according to the needs of your home. Another reason for such serious cleaning is when, for example, we plan to rent out the property to provide more pleasant conditions for our future tenants.

Here are 10 tips for deep cleaning of the house or apartment:

1. Make a list of the areas you need to clean so you don't forget any of them. After cleaning the respective area, mark it as cleaned.

2. Before you start the cleaning of the property and specifically of any room from it, it is good to move the furniture, under and behind which you want to clean. This is far more efficient and saves a lot of time, instead of moving the individual elements one by one in the process of work.

3. If you want your home to be really clean, do not underestimate the care of areas that are not visible, because they can be a source of dust that can negatively affect the entire room.

4. Vacuuming can also be a lengthy task depending on what area you need to cover. Good practice in this case requires you to go with a suitable appliance and/or detergent after you have finished vacuuming the room to achieve the optimal effect.

5. Large objects in a room also cover a lot of dust accumulated under them. Classic examples of this type of interior elements at home are large furniture items, beds, sofas, armchairs, etc. Be sure to pay adequate attention to them to make sure you have done a really great job.

6. People have a habit of leaving doors and windows at home open for cleaning. This allows dust to move and accumulate from the room you are currently cleaning to the next room you have just cleaned. It is good practice to open the windows of the room currently being cleaned, but to close the doors leading to those that have already been cleaned to avoid the transfer of dust from one to the other.

7. Skirting boards and curtain rods are among the most missed places for one reason or another when cleaning the house. Pay attention to them to make sure your whole home shines with cleanliness.

8. If you have a wooden floor, it is advisable to combine cleaning with suitable polishes on this type of surface to maximize the effect of your work and ensure a better vision of your home.

9. Leave the floor cleaning for last. The direction of cleaning should allow you to leave the room, then close the doors to dry the floor well and prevent the accumulation of dust.

10. Be consistent and plan such cleanings regularly. Good maintenance and quality basic cleaning of the home will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

If you do not have time to do deep cleaning at home, you can always contact the experienced and reliable help from Purity Cleaning services to be 100% sure that everything in your home will be perfectly cleaned, in a short time and at very reasonable prices.

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