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To maintain cleanliness in the home you need cleaning supplies. The ones from the shop, however, are often quite strong and even poisonous. To protect yourself and your family from their

harmful effects, it is best to look for solutions from nature. Conventional detergents with a lot of chemicals can be replaced by some natural and homemade products.

One of the strongest natural acids is the lemon. This citrus fruit is a powerful weapon against bacteria in the home, it tackles the foam from the soap after washing and depositions due to hard water. Lemon can be used in cleaning and polishing brass and copper, cleaning the dishes and different surfaces and patches. And mixture of lemon juice and olive oil serves for polishing of solid wood furniture.

Another natural solution is corn starch. With this you can successfully clean windows and polished furniture.

Essential oils have antiseptic ingredients. This makes them perfect not only for massages but turns them into good disinfectants. Fill a bottle with sprayer with water, add a few drops of essential oil of your choice and shake well. Spray around the house.

Even seemingly harmful products are good for cleaning. As ammonia for example. In concentrated form, it is harmful to the skin and eyes, but not for the environment. Ammonia is extremely effective at cleaning of glass and mirrors. You can mix it with water in a bottle with atomizer.

For cleaning counter-tops and sinks, as well as cast iron pans, nature has given us the big Sea salt. Mix sea salt with lemon juice, place it on a soft sponge, brush the surface that needs cleaning, wait for a while, brush again and then rinse.

Mixed with a mild liquid soap, white vinegar helps to remove fat from surfaces. It helps to clean also floors and windows.

Baking soda is a recognized universal cleaner. To remove the bad smell from a room, just leave an open box of baking soda. You can do the same with the fridge to remove the bad odours. Soda bread is a good remedy against any spots, mostly on carpets, as well as for cleaning sinks, countertops and basically all surfaces.

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